Homestead Hospice is proud to join CEU Concepts as we help educate Atlanta area Social Workers.




Self-Neglecting Clients: How to Respond While Respecting Autonomy


1 ethics or clinical hour for social workers (ASWB)


1 clock hour for certified case managers (CCM)




When working with clients who are exhibiting self-neglecting behaviors, social workers and case managers may have to make difficult judgments about whether a client understands the consequences of his or her choice. The speakers in this session will discuss ethical dilemmas social workers may face in situations of abuse or self-neglect. The workshop will begin with defining abuse and neglect, discussing cultural and ethical considerations for cases of self-neglect, and appropriate responses when faced with self-neglect. The presenter(s) will then review case studies involving cases of neglect.




The Grief Process Explored: A Social Worker’s and Case Manager’s Guide


1 clinical hour for social workers (ASWB)


1 clock hour for certified case managers (CCM)




Some of the most difficult conversations a Social Worker or Case Manager can have with a patient and his or her family surrounds end of life issues and grief. The speaker(s) in this session will provide in depth information about grief. This will include a discussion of the definition of grief and the stages of grief, as well as some of the difficult issues that grieving individuals face, including depression guilt and anger. There will also be information about how to live with a loss. The seminar will cover some of the principles of healing and provide resources to professionals. The presenter(s) will then open the discussion to the role of the healthcare professional to provide hope to patients and their families.




An Introduction to Pain and Symptom Management:


How to Advocate for Clients in an Interdisciplinary Setting


1 clinical hour for social workers (ASWB)


1 clock hour for certified case managers (CCM)




In an interdisciplinary treatment setting, social workers and case managers may be confronted with clients who disclose pain. The presenters for this session will provide strategies for identifying pain, types of pain management, various types and causes of pain, as well as different types of formal pain assessments. Social workers and case managers will learn strategies for advocating on behalf of clients in pain within an interdisciplinary setting.




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