Using our watch list, Homestead Hospice staff are able to identify patients who may need heightened care before the crisis begins. We educate the facility staff at our initial meeting about the watch list to ensure that patients are placed on the watch list and monitored for further decline.


Homestead Hospice will change the patient's care status to continuous care when the criteria is met. We review continuous care criteria under the hospice benefit at our roll out meeting with your staff.


Care will continue until the patient is stabilized. We communicate with your staff before the continuous care ends to ensure staff are aware and able to care for the patient upon removal of continuous care.


We help to ensure that the patient remains at the facility during a crisis. We have a continuous care team on stand-by.


When a patient needs in-patient hospice care, a member of our team (nurse, social worker or chaplain) visits daily. In addition, our hospice aides may visit more often.

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