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It is the generosity of friends and families of our patients that allows Homestead Hospice to continue to expand our services and provide compassionate care to those approaching the end of their lives.


We invite you to make your gift as a tribute to someone who has touched your life. In their name, others will receive the gifts of comfort, peace and dignity in the caring hands of our dedicated professionals and trained volunteers. As a not-for-profit organization, Homestead HOPE Foundation is fully qualified to receive tax-deductible donations as provided by law.


Homestead HOPE Foundation











"I founded the Homestead HOPE Foundation to offer seniors and their families a one stop resource for information about all aspects of senior living."


-Mallie Sharafat, Founder of Homestead HOPE Foundation


Through many interactions with families in our Hospice program over years, it became evident that they had greater needs than Hospice alone could provide. There were programs and services in existence that could have helped most patients and their families were not aware of these programs.


The mission of the Homestead Hospice HOPE Foundation is to help alleviate undue hardship for seniors and their families.


Financial hardship is widespread in these tough times and we provide assistance to our patients and families in that regard. We have also witnessed unnecessary hardship because of lack of knowledge about available programs and services. Through the Foundation, a one-stop network of experts and a library of information are offered to give seniors and their families a place to go for answers.


Senior Resource Network


Advice and information on senior housing options, financial assistance programs, medication delivery programs, health, wellness, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, disease prevention, treatment and procedures, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers and much more.


  • A library of information from highly regarded resources in each market is available and experts are immediately connected with seniors in need.
  • Homestead HOPE Foundation Hotline is available 24/7 for dissemination of information
  • Links from our website make it easy to get informed about ALL aspects of senior living


Senior Life Enrichment


Radio and Television shows dedicated to topics that are important to seniors air weekly. Dedicated to informing and empowering the listeners about all available programs and resources, these shows feature local experts and invite callers to ask questions concerning their specific needs.


For more information on Senior Life Enrichment, click here.


Giving Back to the Community


Weekend Bereavement Camps for children who have experienced a loss are offered annually in each market. Assistance for families' special needs is also offered through Foundation donations. We have been able to bring loved ones home or help pay a utility bill for a patient in need. There are so many ways we can help our patients, families and communities through your generous donations



Mail a check to:


Homestead HOPE Foundation


10888 Crabapple Road


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