Grief is a process unique to each person. While we all heal at our own unique pace, there are times when professional assistance and resources can support you and your family during your grief journey. At Homestead Hospice, we have specialized individuals that can help you through this process. We will also refer you to resources within your community if more extensive support is needed. Please call the Homestead Hospice Bereavement Coordinator if you need immediate assistance today. They can be reached through the Homestead Hospice Hotline 877-355-4472.


Under the Hospice benefit, all families of our hospice patients receive 13 months bereavement care after the loss of a loved one, at no additional cost. Our Bereavement Coordinator will contact you shortly after you experience a loss and will stay with you through the first anniversary of your loved one's death to help you through the grieving process.


The Homestead Hospice Bereavement Program includes 6-week support groups that are held quarterly in our communities. Facilitated by compassionate and specially trained bereavement professionals, our support groups help you through the grieving process, teach you ways to manage grief and find the strength to heal in a supportive setting. Our support group participants often tell us that the most important aspect of a support group is the opportunity to meet and share with people who have experienced a similar loss. You can share feelings, or simply listen.


Workshops are held at different locations quarterly and cover the loss of different relationships, including spouse/partner, parent, sibling, or child. For more information on when and where our next support group will be held, click here to email or call David Coleman at 877-355-4472.


When should you call for help with grief and healing?


  •     Traumatic or sudden death
  •     Serious illness or injury
  •     A loss within a business, congregation, association or school
  •     Suicide
  •     When time doesn't heal
  •     When children are grieving


Whether our staff can help you or you need the help of other experts in the community, do not wait to call for help if you are in crisis. We will connect you to resources immediately to help you find healthy ways to get through this difficult time. Call the Homestead Hospice Hotline today at 877-355-4472.




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