Homestead Hospice was founded in 2006 after one of our principals experienced hospice for a loved one. The experience with Hospice care was not what the family expected. They found hospice to be adept at managing physical pain, but very mechanical in their approach to the emotional, spiritual and psycho-social issues that the family was dealing with during their loved one's illness. They knew that Hospice was established to bring a more holistic approach to the entire family versus traditional medical care but there was a lack of fulfillment of those needs for the family members.


So moved by the experience, Homestead Hospice was founded to influence a better approach to Hospice Care in Greater Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. This vision and determination to develop a hospice program that would focus as much attention on the well being of the family members as on the physical needs of the patient, has been the cornerstone of care for the Homestead Hospice staff. Since the first patient was admitted nearly four years ago, Homestead Hospice has focused on going above and beyond to uncover the specific and personalized needs of each and every patient and the family member.


The Homestead Hospice team of caregivers is dedicated to finding special ways to help their patients and their families find comfort during their difficult journey. Whether it's a certain custom, specific type of music or special food item that makes their environment more pleasurable, our team of caregivers makes a difference in their lives by caring for them in those special ways.


Our corporate office is located at 10888 Crabapple Rd. in Roswell, GA and our offices care for patients throughout South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Arizona.


Our volunteers and care givers are there to provide support, comfort and understanding so that this journey can be as peaceful and positive as possible. Homestead Hospice is certified by Medicare and Medicaid and has received "deemed status" by the Joint Commission in our Arizona office.

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 Homestead Hospice does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability or age in admission,

treatment or participation in programs, services and activities or in employment.