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“Our staff gave rave reviews for this experience. It was especially great for staff who are non-nursing to see how difficult it may be to care for people who have dementia.”

- Staff Development Director



“Have a better understanding of the needs of these patients. Be even more patient.”

- RN



“I am still trying to calm down (from this experience). I will be more patient and reassuring to patients with dementia.”

- RN



“I’ve never gone through anything like this before, awesome learning experience.”

- RN, Geriatric Coordinator



“(This experience) gave a good perspective of what patients go through.”

- RN



“The level of frustration I felt was very difficult. I will exhibit more patience, be more helpful… leadership should go through this experience.”

- Human Resources



“I have a better understanding of how my mother-in-law feels.”

- Family member from Covington, GA



“Now I see; this will make me less impatient.”

- Family member from Covington, GA



“My wife is always following me around, I understand why now. I will be more patient.”

- Husband from Newnan, GA



“Having dementia is a stressful way to live.”

- Daughter from Covington, GA




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