Mourning to Joy is a 6-week bereavement therapy group sponsored by Homestead Hospice. Our participants share in a variety of educational and therapeutic sessions which encourage the healing process following the loss of a loved one.


Bereavement is not something a person should face alone. Not only does group therapy help the person by sharing their experience, it also helps the others in the group to hear that they are not alone.


Homestead Hospice is proud to offer this 6-week bereavement support group as part of our Community Outreach Program to give back to our community.


"There is a sense of isolation and loneliness after losing a loved one. Participating in our 6-week bereavement program restores a healthier lifestyle, while keeping their memory with us always." - Malli Sharafat, CEO of Homestead Hospice


The Journey from mourning to healing is a unique path that each grieving person must take. Grief is unpredictable and often turbulent. Most people go through the stages of grief in their own personal way.


If grief is dealt with in a healthy manner, the journey can lead the person from a place of denial to a place of acceptance.





Week One: Beginning The Journey from Mourning to Healing


Week Two: Telling Your Story & Building Memorials


Week Three: Presenting Memorials & Letter Writing


Week Four: Sharing Letters & Journaling


Week Five: Experiencing Journaling & Goal Setting with Milestones


Week Six: Sharing Goals and Connecting with Community Resources







December 7, 2015 - January 4, 2016


Mondays at 2:00 pm

Valley Falls Terrace NH

400 Locust Grove Road • Spartanburg, SC 29303

Please RSVP by November 18 to Homestead Hospice at 864-288-5136


Proudly Sponsored by

Homestead Hospice

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