Care Beyond Cancer

Living with a Quality of Life

Dealing with the treatment of cancer is often stressful and distracting. Helping a patient maintain an acceptable quality of life and assisting them in continuing their familiar daily activities are the primary goals in the Homestead Hospice Care Beyond Cancer program.

Homestead is committed to providing excellent cancer-specific and end-of-life care and services. Patients receive the most current evidence-based clinical care while being supported by caregiver guidance in the home setting. The Care Beyond Cancer program was designed to pro-actively manage the needs of patients living with cancer.

The Care Beyond Cancer team works in concert with the patient’s oncologist to develop a plan of care to addressing daily needs and for promoting a comfortable quality of life

Comprehensive Clinical and Emotional Support

  •  Highly trained staff for cancer diagnosis
  • Complete crisis management
  • Anticipatory Symptom Assessment Pathway®
  • Transitional support care from a hospital discharge to home
  • Watch list
  • Continuous Care/inpatient care (if criteria are met)
  • 24/7 hospice on call/clinical pharmacist services
  • Registered Dietitian access upon admission
  • Proactive social services for patient’s social needs
  • Midnight Angels volunteer program
  • Anticipatory spiritual support:
    • Grief support/bereavement

One-on-one Support

  • Medication and equipment guidance
  • Caregiver Anticipatory Symptom Assessment Pathway®
  • Appetite/nutrition
  • Skin integrity
  • Changes in breathing, sleep habits and body temperature
  • Anticipatory grief
  • Guided/holistic imagery for pain management

Specialized Training for Staff

  • Evidence-based cancer care
  • Geriatric Palliative Care
  • Mental status changes from a clinical and spiritual perspective
  • Artificial nutrition and hydration (end of life)
  • Pain management symptoms with holistic therapy
  • Midnight Angels
  • Depression at end-of-life stage

Clinician Training

  • Certificate of completion of Homestead cancer care training on: 
    • Pain and symptom management
  • Competency training on:
    • Infusion therapy
    • Drains
    • Wound care
    • Central lines

At Homestead, we understand that controlling cancer treatment symptoms can go hand in hand with a quality-of-life. A successful plan of care is one that has the least impact on everyday living for a patient and their family.

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