Making Hospice a Personal Experience for Life's Most Important Journey

Patient focused... an individualized care plan devised by your hospice interdisciplinary team will provide the support and guidance necessary to address a patient’s specific needs. Services include delivery of equipment and supplies in addition to physical, emotional and psychosocial care. Hospice provides around the clock care, so you can rest assured knowing help is just a phone call away. It is important to know that you’re not alone during this difficult time, reaching out for hospice care may be the best decision you can make for your entire family.

Deciding when to call for hospice services can be confusing. It’s a big decision, but it is your choice on which hospice provider you want for your loved one. Referring a loved one for hospice is decision that can provide peace of mind, comfort and a quality of life. Hospice is not just for the last few days of life. A patient can be on hospice up to six months with a terminal illness diagnosis. Hospice is to manage pain and symptoms so a patient can live well.

"We serve from a place of gratitude and are grateful for all who serve with us" ~ Mallie Sharafat, CEO Homestead Hospice

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    Homestead Hospice will deliver unparalleled individualized care to our patients and families in their home, to assure that their most important journey on this earth is full of joy and comfort.


    Transforming the Future of Hospice and Palliative Patient Care by being the standard for Excellence and Innovation.

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    • What hospice can do:

      • Enrich the last stage of life,
      • Support the more personal aspects of life’s final journey,
      • Provide time to reflect on one's legacy and life meaning,
      • Help with family dynamics and relationships in a deeper and more intentional way,
      • Provide a sense of closure and realizing any end-of-life goals,
      • Alleviate not knowing what is happening next with symptoms,
      • Support the caregiver with five days of respite,
      • Encompass the family with grief support,
      What hospice can do
    • If your loved one is experiencing any of the following call Homestead Hospice for a free in-person consultation:

      • Spends most of their day in bed or in a chair,
      • Has gone to the emergency room several times in the last six months,
      • Is weaker or tired all the time,
      • Reduced appetite and has lost weight unintentionally making clothing loose,
      • Has fallen several times or needs help getting out of bed or chair,
      • Needs assistance with daily activities like, personal hygiene, eating
      • Short of breath, even while resting,
      • Started with medications to lessen pain and symptoms,
      • Frequent or reoccurring infections
      • Not seeking curative treatment
      • Terminal diagnosis with less than six months to live
      What hospice can do
    • “The Homestead Hospice Greenwood, SC staff were so kind and compassionate to my family and to my mother, and I personally recommend Homestead  to others both professionally and personally.“

      -Dr. Joy Draper
    • “When I was taking care of my parents while raising my 2 young children, I was lucky to have been introduced to Homestead Hospice. They helped me take care of my parents during this difficult time”.

    • “Homestead Hospice of Greenwood, SC is currently providing care for residents in Ashley Place, assisted living facility. The staff has been kind and compassionate to our residents and families, and, we receive positive feedback often.  We are impressed with the interaction homestead staff have with our residents for activities and nurturing arts events as well. They provides excellent care to our residents, and we are very pleased with these services”.

      -Nursing Resident Director, Chris Sayer
    • “My Dad was in ICU with Leukemia. His wish was to pass away at home and not in the hospital. After three long weeks of being in ICU he was not improving so he was referred to Hospice. Homestead Hospice, Warner Robins received the referral and he was home same day. He was put on Continuous Care, the Homestead team never left. He passed away the next day peaceful at home surrounded by his family. I know this would not have happened without Shay Massey the Administrator at the Warner Robins office working so hard to get him home on high flow O2. My family and I will always be grateful for the love and care shown to my Dad and family during this time. I know that we wouldn't have been able to go through this without the Warner Robins, Homestead team.“

      The Collins Family
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